What is off-page Seo

What is off-page SEO

What is off-page SEO

What is Off-page SEO. is it really important. Search engine optimization is important to rank higher in search. This is very important to optimize your website. Both on-page and off-page SEO are important in google ranking.

Two types of Seo on-page SEO and OFF-page SEO.

On-page SEO related to website content,Post Title,H1,H2,H3,H4 Tags,Permalinks,Meta Description,Internal linking and external linking.

Off-page SEO is action taken outside your website to improve website ranking in Search engine result pages (SERP).

What is Off-Page SEO Importance

Off-page SEO is a very important factor in Website ranking even after the search engine change algorithm. If your Off-page SEO is relative, effective, Trustworthiness then this will definitely improve search engine result pages (SERP).

what is off-page seo!why it is important it is important,
what is off-page seo!why it is important it is important

Off-[age SEO improves your Page or website credibility. Off-page SEO not only helps in boost website ranking but also increases your page ranking, Increases visitors numbers, more social media share and more visibility.

Off-Page SEO Checklist

Various factors that affect your off-page SEO. This off-page SEO checklist will help in improving Website ranking.

what is off-page SEO and here is the list of Off-page SEO checklist
Link Building
Social Media Engagement
Guest Posting
Blog Commenting
Forum Posting
Social Bookmarking Website
Content Marketing
Broken Link Building
Question and Answers
Create relations with Influencers
Document Sharing
Final Words

Link Building is very important in off-page SEO. Create a Quality backlink is much important to rank high on search results. The link building technique is widely used by all digital marketers,and brands.

If your link building is focused on quantity not on quality then no use. Digital marketers, content writer should focus on quality links only.

Link building helps in improving DA(Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority).

Three types of link building

what s off-page seo!Link Building
what s off-page seo!Link Building

1)Natural Link Building:

Users,Readers,or digital marketer who trust on your content or product,services and share your link is natural link.

2)Manual Link Building

Ask customers, Social influencers, or users to create a link or share content is a manual link building.

3)Self made Link Building

If you create a link on any high authority site, comments, directories, Online forums, or pages if they allowed then it is self-made link building.

2)Social Media Engagement

If you don’t have social icons on your website or post will affect your search engine ranking. Social media engagement really matters.

Social media engagement is one of the way of off-page SEO. Social media engagement increase reach of your content.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are important for search engine optimization. The search engine knows how much people engage with your website or brand.

what is off-page SEO!Social media engagement
what is off-page SEO!Social media engagement

Social media shares, likes are important to grow your business and brands. If your content relevant interesting and engaging then it will spread rapidly.

If you have a YouTube channel then your video should be interesting, relevant, and engaging.

3)Guest Posting

Guest is one of the important off-page SEO factors. Writing guest posting on the reputed websites that have huge traffic.

To find a website that allowed guest post on their website you may try the below trick.

  • Type your keyword and type write for us
  • Type your keyword and type guest blogging
  • Type your keyword and type contributor

For example you want to write an article on the digital marketing niche and search a website that allowed guest blogging then you type. Check the below image for details.

what is off-page seo!Guest blogging
what is off-page seo!Guest blogging

you will find multiple websites that accept guest posts on their website. You need to request with your subject. If they accept your guest post then you will get a backlink for your website.

Writing a guest post for another website not only get a backlink but also get free organic traffic. Websites who accept guest posts have huge monthly traffic.

4)Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is the oldest form of off-page SEO but still it is working. Don’t afraid to comment on the reputed blog and leave a link in the comment.

what is off-page seo!Blog commenting
what is off-page seo!Blog commenting

This practice not only improves your off-page SEO but also help in organic reach.

You may think blog commenting is old and not work in the present time but believe me it is still working. Blog commenting improve your relationship with another blogger in your niche.

5)Forum Posting

Forum posting is one of a great way to get organic traffic to your website. Forum posting is also one of the parts of off-page SEO.

You may post your content or answer on Reddit, Quora, Yahoo answering, and how to help people. These are very big Forum.

You may search the forum posting website on google also. You may click on the link first launch.in

Forum commenting or posting is not different from blog commenting and guest blogging. This forum commenting or posting can improve your organic traffic.

You may find a forum for posting on your niche. For example my niche is digital marketing then I search shown in the below image.

what is off-page seo!forum posting
what is off-page seo!forum posting

You may get the appropriate result of your search. This will help you to find a forum in your niche. But choose your niche properly.

6)Social Bookmarking Website

Social bookmarking is another excellent way to get organic traffic to your website. On the social bookmarking website, you share your Articles, Videos, Images, and webpages.

I will share the top ten social bookmarking websites to you.you may submit your content on these sites.

what is off-page seo!social bookmarking site.
what is off-page seo!social bookmarking site.

Social bookmarking site is as below

  • Twitter:
  • Pintrest
  • reddit
  • digg
  • we hear it
  • scoop.it
  • pocket
  • Dribble
  • Stumbleupon
  • Slashdot

Above are a few examples of Social bookmarking websites. These websites will help you to bookmark your content. Use this off-page SEO trick for your website.

This website also helps you to increase your brand and you get viral on these social bookmarking websites.

7)Content Marketing

Every social media channel has its own content type. On YouTube channel you share your content through video. Instagram is famous for Images, and short video content. On Twitter and Facebook you share your content in text format.

what is off-page SEO!content marketing
what is off-page SEO!content marketing

You should take this opportunity and create quality content for your targeted audience. You get free organic traffic from your quality content.

If you find out a broken link then you will get multiple benefits. If you are able to find out broken link and contact the owner of the website to add your link.

what is off-page seo!Broken link
what is off-page seo!Broken link

The website owner agree and allows your link in place of the broken link you will get a powerful backlink for your website.

No body like broken link and 404 error on page. You need to contact website owner and fix the 404 error.

Nobody likes 404 and redirect issue, If you fix then beneficial to you. Broken links will give organic traffic to your website.

9)Question and Answers

Writing great quality content for the right audience is an excellent way to build your presence on different Questions and answers websites like Yahoo Answers, Quora, and stack overflow.


Pick a great questions in your niche and answers that questions.You add your website page link in your answer.You will get organic traffic from this website.

If your answers are relevant and best then the audience will revert back to your website and give you organic traffic.

10)Create relations with Influencers

Make friendships with your niche related influencers. Connect with influencers, impress with your valuable content.

what is off-page SEO!Influencer
what is off-page SEO!Influencer

If you make good relations with influencer then they will share your content on their social handles, website, or blog.

11)Document Sharing

Documents sharing websites having very high traffic. You need to do proper keyword research on which you want to rank and write good content and covert in PDF or PowerPoint so it is not crawled by search engine but these websites available this content in a readable format.

what is off-page seo!Document Sharing
what is off-page seo!Document Sharing

If you have excellent content then upload your content on scribed, Slideshare, and Academia websites. This website accepts the content. Add your link in call to the actions button and add your links to traffic to your website.

Final words

In this article we understand what is off-page SEO, What is the importance of off-page SEO, need of Off-page SEO, and off-page SEO checklist 2020.

In this above checklist we look Link building,and link building types,social media engagement need,how to find website to write and accept guest post from your niche.

We also understand blog commenting importance for improving traffic to your website. We explain how to find a forum from your niche. We also suggest some websites for questions and answering. We suggest some document sharing websites to share your document in PDF and PowerPoint PPT Format.

Apart from Off-page SEO you also focused on Technical SEO such as Fast loading website speed,Website designing.

You also focused on on-page SEO and optimize the basic on-page setting of your website like permalinks, Title, Well research Keyword, Powerful content, Focus keyword.

So we understand what is off-page SEO and off-page SEO checklist 2020. So if you have any suggestions then write to us.

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