what is influencer marketing

what is influencer marketing

Before we start what is influencer marketing we should know Influencer marketing is the new way of Online marketing. The business world and even media giants also refers to Influencer marketing. People not having enough ideas about what is influencer marketing. Only a few people in this world having ideas about influencer marketing.

In this article we are trying to explain what is influencer marketing. Before we start we need to know what is Influencers.

What are Influencers?

Influencers are a person, Online content creator, Online Marketer or even celebrity people believe in them. In other words, influencers may be the effects on audience purchase decisions because the audience believes in their knowledge, Information share with his Audience.

Influencers post regularly interesting content in their niche. He is actively engaged with his audience every day.

Influencers marketing is a mixture of old and new marketing. In modern days people follow Influencers not brands. Influencers marketing is a modern way of content-oriented marketing campaigns.

Now Big Brands do not need big celebrities to endorse their brands. They approach to Influencers to promote their brands.

Influencers marketing is collaborations of brands and influencers. This is not necessary to have a celebrity for influencer marketing.

what is influencer marketing

Influencer marketing brands collaborate with influencers to promote their brands, Product, or Services.

For example if you want to promote women’s dress then approach to fashion blogger or fashion YouTuber as an influencer. You may get a lot of orders in this type of Advertising with Influencers.

People not much talking about Influencers marketing. You may find influencers everywhere. Now anyone can be influencers. They influence large people in their niche on social media and the internet.

Bloggers and YouTubers are highly influential in buying decisions. Now almost every industry has influencers. An Influencer can be Youtuber in technology, Fashion, Food recipe, travel, on Instagram, Bloggers, or executives.

what is influencer marketing
what is influencer marketing

Some influencers have 1000 follower and some have 10 million followers. They share Interesting videos, Pictures, or text in their blogs.

Difference between Influencer and Celebrity.

Marketing budget: If Brand promotes its product with Celebrity then it is more expensive as compare to Influencers. Influencers are charge less than celebrity.

Personal Engagement: Celebrity does not engage personally with the audience.On the other hand Influencers engaged and well connected with the Audience.

Actual use of Products and services.: Celebrity not used products or services. Influencer used the product or services so they have more information.

Reach: Celebrity reach is less than Influencer. Product or services can be reached with specific audience with Influencers. So influencers are more effective than celebrities.

This four main differences between Influencers and celebrities. Celebrities like cricketers, Football players, Bollywood or Hollywood stars charge much higher than influencers.

Four types of influencers found. Below are the types of influencers in the online market available.

Types of Influencers:

1)Mega Influencer

2)Macro Influencer

3)Micro Influencer

4)Nano Influencer

what is influencer marketing!Types of Influencer
what is influencer marketing!Types of Influencer

1)What is Mega Influencer:

What is Mega Influencer? Mega influencer also influences people from social media, blog, youtube but mega influencer fan following are big. Mega influencer fan following more than 1 million or more.

Mega influencers are 1 million or more Followers on Instagram, Facebook, or 1 million youtube subscribers. If your target market is more then you use Mega influencer.

what is influencer marketing!What is Mega Influencer
what is influencer marketing!What is Mega Influencer

Advantages of Mega Influencer:

1)More reach as compare to other type of influencers.

2)More niche as compare to other influencers.

Disadvantages of Mega Influencer:

1)More expensive than other Influencer.they charge higher,

2)Divided Audience or mix audience.

3)Lower personal engagement than other influencers.

4)Only specific brands advertise on mega influencers.

2)What is Macro Influencer:

Influencers followers more than 1lakhs and less than 1million is called Macro Influencer. If you want to target a specific niche at the same time you want a large audience then you approach macro influencer.

Macro influencers are content creators on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with up to 1 million subscribers or followers. If you want to reach large Audience in your product or services niche then Macro influencer is best for you.

what is influencer marketing!What is Macro Influencer
what is influencer marketing!What is Macro Influencer

Advantages of Macro Influencers

1)Best for Niche specific Brand

2)Larger niche followers

3)Less expensive than Mega Influencer.

Disadvantages of Macro Influencers

1)More expensive than Micro and nano influencer

3)what is Micro-Influencer

The person who influences 1000 to 100000 is Micro-Influencer. They have up to 100000 followers. Micro-influencers are a more specific niche targeted audience.

Big companies also engage with Micro influence to promote their product or services. Now Micro-influencers have large scope than mega and macro-influencers.

what is influencer marketing!What is Micro Influencer
what is influencer marketing!What is Micro Influencer

Advantages of Micro Influencers

1)Strong engagement with Audience.

2)More defined Audience.

4)What is Nano Influencer

Nano influencer is anyone who is having followers not more than 10000. Nano influencers are very fewer audience up to 1000 to 10000. Nano influencers are community influencers.

Brands approach to 500 nano influencers instead of 1 mega Influencer because they get specific audience reach in their niche.

what is influencer marketing!What is Nano Influencer
what is influencer marketing!What is Nano Influencer

Advantages of Nano Influencer

1)Less expensive as compare to other influencer.

2)Specific audience size for niche.

3)More Engaged Audience.

4)Personal bonding with Audience

Disadvantages of Nano Influence.

1)Less Audience Size or less reach as compare to other Influencers type.

2)Not suitable for Big Social media campaigns.

If you know how to make a video on Youtube in any niche then you become a video Influencer.

If you are good at posting creative images in your niche then you become an Instagram Influencer.

If you are good at posting posts, images, or text at Facebook then you become a Facebook influencer.

If you are good at writing articles in your interest, Knowledge, and niche and you have good fan followers then you also become an influencer in a specific niche.

You can passionate about fitness, health, Technology, and any field then you become an influencer in your niche. You need creative and active in your niche. You can be more engaged with your audience.

How to become an Influencer:

If you want to become an influencer then follow below steps:

1)Select your Niche

The first step is to select the niche of your interest, knowledge. If you are good at technology or any other area then create a blog, Youtube channel, Facebook page, or Instagram page of your niche.

Your niche can be anything like.

2)Select your Platform

Select your suitable platform. If you are good at making a video then become YouTube or Tik Tok Influencer.if you are good at posting creative posts then you become Instagram or Pinterest or Facebook Influencer. If you are good at writing text then become blogger or Twitter Influencer.

3)Create a Value:

You are doing anything in your niche and on any Platform like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter but you are not creating value then it is meaningless.

This very important to Create a value and given to the people.People will like your post video or text then they become your subscribers or followers.

In short creating value in your post or video is very much important.

4)start building a relationship

Start building a relationship with your audience. To build a relationship you may answer to query to your audience. You may help them to resolve the audience issue.

You can start as a Nano influencer if you have at 1000 or less followers or subscribers.

How influencer earn Money:

1)Sponsor Post: Influencers can make money with sponsorship posts. You can charge per Post, Video, or text. You may publish Sponsored presented review or post on your blog.

2)Affiliate Marketing Sales: You may join an Affiliate marketing program with multiple affiliates. If sales generated through your post then you can earn money. You refer your affiliate post on your blog, or banner ad.

3)Banner Ads on Blog: If you are a blogger then you can run sponsored banner or affiliate banner on Blog.

4)Content writing or Freelancer writing: You may get paid for excellent content writing for your client. You may create content in text, video, or pictures format.

5)Create a video: Create a video related to your client niche and charge money from your client.

6)Affiliate product sales or publisher product sale: You can promote and generate sales for publishers Ebook, Course, Downloadable pdf content.

7)Brand Representative: You can become a brand representative for a specific product or service.

8)Organize an event: Social media influencer can organize events in the local area, Region and earn money.

This way Influencer can earn money.


In this article, I am trying to explain what is influencer marketing. What is the way to start Influencer marketing?. You learn what are influencers. We suggest ways you start influencer marketing. You may start the youtube channel, start Instagram, page, start a Facebook page, or Facebook group.

We are trying to explain what is type of Influencer marketing. We explain what is Mega marketing, What is Macro Marketing, What is micro marketing, and what is nano marketing. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of these four types of Influencer marketing

We also explain how you earn money from influencer marketing.You may earn money by this suggested ways,

So why your waiting for.If you have an audience then you are influencer.

So you may know now what is influencer marketing.

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