Internet Marketing Metrics

Internet Marketing Metrics

Internet Marketing Metrics for Success:

Digital Marketing Metrics for Success in digital marketing is important. If you fail to measure your website progress or growth then there is no way for you.

There is no Scientific method for measuring Digital or internet marketing. without measuring you don’t have anyway what is working for you and what is not working.

Measuring Website success requires science itself. What is the most important metric for website success?

8 most Important internet Marketing metrics for success.

Internet Marketing Metrics
Internet Marketing Metrics

1)Track Number of Visits:

The first important digital marketing Metrics is the number of visits you are getting at your Website. Most of the websites do not see a number of website visits. if your intention is Brand awareness, engagement, and following then you need to reduce your website bounce rate.

If our intention is to make money, then your ‘goal’ will be to increase your AdSense revenue or to make more sales of your own or affiliate products.

You need to know your visits in order to make sense of all the other data that you are getting from your website. You need to know your Website visits so that you can know what percentage of those website visitors are buying from you and thereby calculate your conversion rate.

Your website visits tell you how many people you have to work with and they let you formulate a strategy on that basis visit. This will helps Internet Marketing Metrics.

How to Increase Your Visits with this Internet marketing metrics?

So how you are increasing your website visitors. The first thing is your doing correctly monitoring the visits and need to see how they are increasing.

There are different ways to increase your website page view. Below is the list of ways.

1)Search engine optimization

2)Social Media Marketing

3)Content Marketing

4)Advertise your content through google Ad words,Bing Ads.

5)Email Marketing

2)Bounce Rate:

The bounce rate actually tells you what amount of traffic lands on your website. how many leaves your website immediately. Bounce rate shows that although you have website visitors and they are not stopping read the content you created.

If you have 500 visits per day with a 95% bounce rate then that means 25 visitors per day. In short only 25 people sticking around the content you created on your website.

A good bounce rate is generally thought to be anything from 25%-60% and you can consider anything under 30% to be very much in the ‘outstanding’ category. Being around 45 is very average and shouldn’t be a cause for your concern.

If you’re about 55%, then you’re getting into the higher portion but again, this is only a cause for concern depending on the type of site that you are running.

Finally, if you have a bounce rate is more than 70% then that is very poor or disappointing.

Bounce rate is important that your visit because the bounce rate tells your engagement, following and percentage of traffic come back to buy a product or become a fan.

How to Reduce Your Bounce Rates:

Below is the ways to reduce your bounce rate:

1)Design of your Website:
If your website is not attractive then your visitors will leave your website. The attractive design keeps people stay on your website.
2)Page load times

Another important factor is the page load time. If your website load time is high then your bounce rate will be higher. This Digital Marketing Metrics helps to increase website visitors.

3)Page Views and Average Page Views Per Visit

This Metric Basically tells you how many individual pages have been viewed. Your page is also important in own ways. Page views tell you how many times content on your website is loaded and view by visitors.

This Metric also tells you another important metric that is average page views per visit.

This digital marketing metric is similar to the Bounce rate but this provides you in-depth data that shows you how many different pages your website visitor looked around on your website.

How to Increase Your Page Views

1)If you are using WordPress then use plugin and other techniques to stick visitors around your content. For example -Related Post Plugin

2)Make Multi-part articles. Split pages into lots of pages. This will increase page views.

4)Track Referrers:

Referrer shows where your traffic is coming from your website. Whether it is coming from google or coming from Facebook. Referrer lets you see which of your marketing efforts work and where you need to spend.

This is Important to Pay careful attention to your referrers so that you can improve all the other metrics and so that you can spot anomalies that could upset your data.

5)Track Conversion Rates!

Your conversion rate actually shows you how many of your visitors are converting as final customers. In most of the cases, conversion tells you how they are buying products or services from you.

Signing off your mailing list or clicking on your adverts or Google Adsense also means a conversion. In this conversion show, your final goal is achieved.

Tracking conversion is very important for the majority of online websites or marketplace. Most the people focus on engagement and increasing their views but if you want a pure business perspective then conversion rates really matter.

How to Improve Your Conversion Rates:

1)Targeting is Very Important for showing your site to the correct demographics.

2)SEO is also important for conversion. People want to read content and put content on your website.

3)Perfect sales copy or ad copy.

6)Rate of Return Visitors

Rate of Return Website Visitors is another Important metric that will give you more insight regarding the actual engagement you’re enjoying on your website. This Internet Marketing Metrics helps in understanding how many website visitors who keep coming back to your website again.

This metric is very hard to track because people change computers, internet connection (IP Address) and cookies can get a good estimate of how many of your website visitors have been fans for a long time.

How to Improve Your Rate of Return Visitors

1)Your website must be attractive

2)Excellent content keeps bringing your visitors back.

3)create multi-part articles that show up once a week.

4)Social media and email marketing are also very useful for bringing people back to your website site repeatedly.

7)Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

This is a very important internet marketing metrics to track in terms of making money online. First, look at the amount you are charging for your product or services and more importantly how much you make for each sale or service. What is your profit margin on each product?

Customer Lifetime Value really measures the value of all your leads and website visits.
If you have 1000 visitors, 2% conversion rates and a product worth $2000 (with 100% profit) then each visitor is worth $2 to you, because statistically, they are likely to earn you $2.

Now you can then look at how many of those sales are repeat customers and factor this in to work out how many of your customers actually buy multiple times.

This gives you a more long-term idea of how much you can earn from a website visitor.

To Improve your customer lifetime value, you need to improve your conversion rates and targeting. If you make more money from adverts then you must increase your Adsense optimization.

8)Cost per Action (CPA) or Cost per lead (CPL)

Cost per Action (CPA) becomes more relevant when you start paying for advertising.

If you use google Ad-words or Facebook ads and drive more traffic or visitors to your website then this Cost per Action (CPA) is known as Pay per Click Advertising. This Pay per click means if somebody clicks on your advertising then you need to pay certain amount per click.

Cost Per Lead (CPL) which tells you how much you are paying for leads. A lead will often be considered a warm lead who subscribes to your mailing list – but you could also choose to count highly engaged visitors as your warm leads.

To calculate a Cost Per Lead (CPL) in this way, you could look at your number of website visitors and then compare this to the average page views per visit or the average time on the website. That way, you can work out the percentage of your visitors who end up being engaged visitors and therefore leads.

This is one of the important internet marketing metrics.One should not ignore this Digital marketing metrics.

How to Improve CPA and CPL for online marketing:

1)reduce your bounce rates, improve engagement and enhance conversion rates so that the people.

2)increasing the value of the product you sell, so that you improve the profit for each sale and improving your sales page to enhance conversions.


Above is the 8 internet Marketing Metrics for Success. Follow this 8 Metric to improve your Internet marketing or digital marketing. Internet Marketing Metrics for Measuring Success.

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