How to grow your email list in 2020

How to grow your email list in 2020.

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How to grow your email list in 2020: tips and tricks to grow your Emails list faster.

Every successful online entrepreneur has a bigger Email list. This is a list of subscribers that opted in to receive or collect more information from you, to gain access to free training, or people that bought something from you.

Email Marketing is still a number way to engage and follow up with your audience. Email marketing is still very useful for the biggest online retailers or marketplace, Blogger, Affiliate marketer to build their audience and follow up.

Social media has surely changed the game a little bit, but email marketing still lives. So don’t let anyone into thinking that email marketing is dead.

In fact some major online retailers, even large organizations build 75% sales and revenue directly from email marketing.

If you have an email list then you create a product, have a coaching program, service, physical product, or webinar you want to tell people about; then you just send an email to your list for instant results!

No need to waiting for your paid ads to get approved or relying on affiliates to mail for you.

Paid Advertising on Google or Facebook ads are the best way to get more traffic, but having a bigger email list is always the best option.

Here are the Steps How to grow your email list in 2020 (click to jump to any section):

Let’s start How to grow your email list in 2020!

It will be fun to know how to grow your email list in 2020 grow.

1)Creating your Lead Magnet:

If you are starting out building your email list, then make sure you have something to entice people to join your email list and give you their personal information like name, Email address, Phone number!

In the early days of email list building and online or digital marketing you simply say “Join My Newsletter”, and subscribers would happy to do it! Nowadays it is difficult to share email by people.

So you must give them a have best reason to opt in to learn from you.

Here we share 6 examples of really-good lead magnets you can create to give away.

1)Tips PDF Report:

You share Tips to solve people problems that they seeking for solutions. For example, if you are a fitness trainer then you share free fitness tips to lose their weight.

To give you one more example let’s say you sell pet products on an e-commerce store you could create a PDF report that says “6 Pet Products Every Dog Owner Can’t Live Without!”

That report should be attractive on your website, and would create those email subscribers that you can follow up then later and generate sales on your e-commerce store.

2)Video Training:

Like top tips report in the above paragraph, you can record video that teaches people something really important to them.

This video can be a simple PowerPoint slide show presentation with your voice giving the content on each slide.

This type of video are simple to do

Here are 3 different screen capture recording software programs.

1)screencast o Matic: This is a free screen capture software. You can upgrade the $20 annual plan. This upgrade plan remove watermarks.

2)Jing: This is a free software that also allows you to record videos, and has a low upgrade to make it easier to work with the video files

3)Camtasia: This is a more expensive web-based software.honestly worth a serious look if you plan to do lots of videos in the future.

I would suggest low cost or free Web based screen capture software.

Another way to make simple videos on your mobile phone. You can record a selfie video with your voice.

you can make this type video within 10 minute.

3)E-Coaching Lessons:

E-coaching or email training is one of the best giveaway methods to create a lead magnet.

So instead of offering single video or single PDF like previous giveaway method you could offer a series of 5-10 Video over emails that deliver 1 training video daily, alternate day or weekly.

Find a hot topic to create great content around and use that to build your email list as a lead magnet!

Set Email autoresponder to delivered mail automatically.

4)Exclusive Interview:

Interviewing experts in your industry is the best way to quickly your lead magnet. find a popular author, speaker, blogger, radio show host, or another expert in your marketplace to do a 15 to 20-minute interview with you that you record electronically.

You record this interview and Then you deliver the interview as an audio file to your audience after they opt-in for your email list!

5)Special Webinar Event:

Hosting a live webinar even in your market is a great way to start building a list, and once your webinar is done you can use it as an ongoing lead magnet.

You simply choose a selected date for your special webinar event and drive traffic to your registration page.

6)Exclusive Discount or Coupon Code:

This is probably the easiest to create lead magnet by far! You need to create a unique coupon code that you can offer people that opt-in to your email list!

The easiest way is to create a generic coupon code and offer it to your customers to download, or give them access to a special discount page to access your products in the future!

2)Write a Killer Blog Post:

You need to write a good quality blog post or article. The article will draw your targeted audience into your website and your email list.

One best article or blog post plays an important role in getting traffic for even more years to come. So make sure to put your all efforts to write amazing content in your article.

If you are not good at writing then hire a content writer. You will get content writer easily on and need to spend anywhere from $10 to $40 to get great content.

How to grow your email list in 2020
How to grow your email list in 2020

The Article that contains a list performs well. For example, like top 10 lists do great here. Few example here below:

“Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Relationship”
“The 5 Things Winning Sales Copy Should Have”
“My Top 8 Places To Get Free Web Traffic”
“25 Places You Must Visit Before You Die”
“6 Signs Your Relationship Is In Trouble”
“The 15 Things You Should Always Have In Your Fridge”

So the idea here is to create a great content piece that will draw people in your website. You can get ideas by browsing forums in your industry, Facebook groups, popular websites in your verticle, looking at magazine covers on newsstands and online, and looking at suggest search phrases on Google or YouTube!

For example, if you are in a fitness niche then you could search ”fitness magazine covers”.Then look at the article topics they featured on the cover.

Magazines everybody want to get read, and so they only include the most exciting topics on the covers to draw in their readers! This is the best way to come up with content ideas!

Next important thing is you need good image along with quality can find free images for your article at

You can design your own images on This web-based software allows you to create a killer image or design.

Share your article or blog post on social media and other relevant traffic sources to get more traffic.

3)Promote your article on Social media:

If you are brand new and do not have social media accounts or pages setup for major social media sites this step may take little time to set up! Rest assured the effort worth it, and will pay for you!

After creating pages you have created a great piece of content for your targeted audience. Now share this content with your audience and out on search engines. Now submit all articles or blog posts you created by your post to all your social media handles.

Once your article posted on all your social media channels you need to see how it look after you share it on social media.

Put your link into your content and let see what image they show and, the content text they use.

If you are just starting out then here you may not have much of a social media not let this discourage you. Everyone starts out with zero social media followers! So you are starting where the biggest brands and companies, Marketplaces online started!

This will helps to grow your social media marketing

create and submit the link to your great article to the following channels:

How to grow your email list in 2020!social media marketing
How to grow your email list in 2020!social media marketing


You can build Fan following for your brand easily on Facebook and it is widely used by all companies, brands, online retailers.

You should have a Facebook page for your niche and for your company as well. So start your Facebook page now and start submitting your Facebook Page.

2)Twitter :

Twitter has always been a good source to get traffic. Once you create a Twitter account you can start to people follow that are interested in the same topics related to your brand or Niche.

So visit famous speakers, Authors, and trainers in your niche market and look at their followers. Then Start to follow those people who already follow them. You will find out 25% of people follow you back.

These is how you grow your following on Twitter.


Linkedin is the best social channel to share your content out there. You can Map your LinkedIn account with Twitter Account.


Pinterest is the best source of traffic for your website. The key to success with Pinterest is to find a board to post on in your niche and consider creating your own boards that are similar to your market.

In short Social media marketing is a must to grow your email list. in 2020. So focus on social media marketing to grow your online business.

4)Set up Squeeze Page (Landing Page)

Squeeze page is also known as the Landing page. We create a Squeeze page for two main options. The first option is to collect email addresses from the audience in exchange for your lead magnet and the second option is to leave the page.

If you want the best conversion then keep your squeeze as simple as possible. The reason we call the squeeze page because we want to squeeze audience information in the form of Name, Email address, Phone number.

If you want to create beautiful landing pages or squeeze pages then use elementor . Elementor is a free WordPress plugin. You can create a great landing page in a free plugin of Elementor. You can use the paid versions also for advance options.

Apart from Elementor you can use and for the Squeeze page.

As a beginner we suggest to use Elementor for Squeeze pages.

How to grow your email list in 2020
How to grow your email list in 2020

5)Set up an Autoresponder account

Set up an autoresponder account is a technical step in How to grow your email list in 2020. This step is simple enough that anybody can do it

This Autoresponder software tool is a must to grow your email list in 2020. This Autoresponder is act as your database for collecting and storing your Email list. Help automate your email list building. Autoresponder gives you necessary opt-in forms to grow your email list, and also allow you to gain your email subscribers list.

There are many autoresponder available online but we share with you four popular email Autoresponder.



3)Mail Chimp


You need to choose your autoresponder of your choice. You need to set up your email responder account with the above Email Autoresponder and grow your list.

6)Follow up emails:

Follow up emails serve for multiple purposes.

Below are the benefits of follow up emails:

1)Busy Subscribers in the habit of opening emails.

2)Build trust between audience

3)Allow to sell your own products or affiliate product.

Once you set up your follow up emails sequence it can be generating you autopilot cash for years! That means each new emails subscribers will start follow up sequence emails from the beginning.

You can have 5 or 100 follow up emails autoresponder.

You may surprise how to grow your email list in 2020 and how many people come across this automatic follow email list. Subscriber clicks on your link and buys directly from you or your website.

7)Solo Ads

Solo Ads are the most effective way to grow your email list fast. Solo ads are a form of paid advertising. In Solo Ads, you pay someone with targeted email list to send out to you.

You may get massive traffic and leads from solo ads.

I have included solo ads providers for niche markets including Digital Marketing or internet marketing as well.

Please see below solo ads providers :





5)Solo Ad Facebook Groups

8)Set up paid Facebook Ad

Facebook is the best way to reach your Target audience. With Facebook ads, you can narrow down to specifics like age, location, gender, and most important interests. This allows you to create ads that display to the people most likely to receive your offer well.

Set up Facebook Ads and sending people to your landing page or squeeze page so you can generate more email subscribers.

You must follow Facebook ads and their best practices for best result.

How to grow your email list in 2020!Facebook Advertising
How to grow your email list in 2020!Facebook Advertising

Here are a few best practices to help you get the most from advertising with Facebook.

1)Create Multiple Ad Variations:

We highly recommended you to make multiple Ad Variations to set up your Facebook ads. This can be as simple as using different ad copy or using a different image. You never know whats is working for you. So run 3 to 5 versions of the same ad and Facebook display the ad that pulls better result for you.

2)Monitor your results:

Whenever you run paid Advertising it is a good habit to check your results like how much you are spending per much clicks you are getting and how much impressions you are getting

3)Play with your budget.

Facebook ads are great because you start with a low budget, and then you scale up. You may launch your ad with a $5 to $10 per day budget.

You do not need to spend $150 to $ 300 for the month because you can stop your advertising after 12 hours or change your budget.

4)Be creative on your interests.

Targeting your Audience interest is very important to success or failure in your Facebook advertising. How to best target your ads to reach your perfect customer or email subscriber.

You can consider your audience’s interest is what books do they read, who do they follow, what TV shows do they watch, what sports do they play, etc.

Think like a digital marketer or Internet Marketer. For example, if you offer is a Women’s weight loss then your targeted audience must women who interested in weight loss.

So don’t just target to Women’s health. Target deeper, and understand your audience.

So now you learned the Facebook advertising best practices.

In short, create a Facebook ad for your landing page or squeeze page to get more email subscribers to grow your email list.

9)Get Traffic from online Forum

Get Traffic from online forum and communitie
How to grow your email list in 2020!Get Traffic from online forum and communitie

When we think about How to grow your email list in 2020 then we should follow this method of traffic. This method is easy to do, you can do it daily, weekly to keep your traffic flowing. online forums are available in every niche or target market.

These online communities present where your target audience hanging out. For example, if you are in the health niche you would do a search for “health online forums”.

Instead of putting your main website here, you would put a link to your landing page or squeeze page.

As you find a niche forum or active online community for your target market you want to make 10 to 15 posts in this forum for this step.

In short, Find a popular niche forum or online community in your niche market, and set up your account. Make 10 to 15 posts in thereby responding to the most popular threads in the niche forum. You can easily make this a daily habit and post 5 to 10 times or more.

10)Guest Blogging:

Guest Blogging is the best way to generate long term traffic. Your business is notice through guest blogging. It allows you to reach a huge targeted audience in your niche almost immediately. This is the place where you write content for someone else that has a blog with a following. The content you write is always totally unique, and it helps them get great quality and unique content on their website. So, it is a win-win solution.

You can search on google for “guest blogging” or “guest blogging sites” to find a website where you write your content.

we suggest to read the below article. In this article, you find 140 guest blogging sites.

list of guest blogging site

Now you find how to find guest blogging sites where you publish your valuable content. You need to create quality content around your niche.

So write unique and high-quality content, and identify 5-10 places where you will offer this content to.

The most important thing is that in your author bio you include a link to your free lead magnet on your squeeze page or landing page.

1)Blog Commenting:

The blog commenting method will work only if you post on targeted blogs, recent posts, and if you post consistently on a regular basis. Finding a blog to comment is easy. Run a Google News search for your targeted keyword

Then navigate to the various recent blog posts in your niche and see if you can leave a comment that has the name, email, and website field. When you comment on a blog post in your niche provide value that shows you read the full blog post or article.

If you repeat this step daily you will eventually have about 100 to 200 places online that have links back to your content.

In short Look for 10 blogs to comment on with a link to your landing page or squeeze page.comments on your niche blog and provide your landing page or squeeze page.

12)Create an Infographic:

Infographics is a new strategy that one can learn and implement. Infographics build credibility and drive people back to the squeeze page or landing page.

An Infographic created a web graphic that contains information to educate or display valuable content. Infographics are very popular on social media like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.

You can not ignore this traffic method. This can be a great source of traffic to your landing page or squeeze page and generate more email subscribers for you.

There are two ways to create infographics easily. In the first method, you outsource infographic from and the next method is to use free web-based software

You can create a variety of graphics on can create multiple designs with this web-based software.

In short, Create your infographic and start submitting that online to the key social media channels. You can even post it to your blog for additional exposure. Make sure the infographic contains a link to your squeeze page.

13)Search engine optimization (SEO) for your Website:

Well, Search engine Optimization optimized website helps you to generate more traffic for your business. An optimized blog or website can send thousand of visitors every month.

Creating great quality content, create videos, Sharing your content on Social media is all part of Search engine Optimization.

For better Search engine optimization making below changes to your website for rank higher in all search engines:

1)Search engine optimization (SEO) Title: Use Focus keyword in Search engine optimization (SEO) Title. SEO Title tags are always top on your browser.

You should have your keyword in your title tag. You can get a better keyword using Google Keyword Planner. This is a free keyword search tool.

2)Good Quality Content: After Search engine optimization (SEO) title next important part of SEO is that create great quality content, get Social shares, integrate media like videos and pictures in your content.

3)Focus keyword used in URL or permalinks: Add your Focus keyword in permalinks or URL

4)Make sure that the focus keyword appears in the first 10% of your content: You should try to keep your focus keyword in the first 10 % of your content. This may help your Article Ranking.

5)Use focus keyword in your content: Use your focus keyword in your Article 3 to 5 times or more for the best result.

6)Try to put Focus keyword in Subheadings: It is recommended to add the focus keyword as part of one or more subheadings in the content.

7)External Link: It is better if you use the external links in your website for rank higher. Try to add at least 1 external link. If you add more then great.

8)Internal Links:If you are linking to other blog or articles on your website or blog then it is great.

9)Short Paragraph:Try to using short paragraph in your content.Paragraph length is not more than 150 word.Paragraph not longer than 250 words.

10) Use Media in your content: Try to use images or videos in your content. The article contains images or videos that are easy to rank.

14)Promote a video to Social media channels:

Create a video and upload it to the youtube channel. Then start submitting to social media channels like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest.

Another way is to embed the video on your Website or blog after uploading to youtube to get more benefits from your video.

The first thing is visit to and create an account on youtube. If you already have a Gmail account then it is easy to create an account on youtube.

To upload video on youtube click

While uploading the video on youtube use a title that includes your main keyword. Also include your website link in the description box.

In Short, Upload your video to YouTube and promote the YouTube link of your youtube video to the main social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or promote video using paid Advertising.

15))Run Ads Campaign on Google or Bing

Set up a paid with Bing Ads or Google Ads that sends people straight to your squeeze page or landing page to get email opt-ins. you can choose Bing or Google Ads for you because they are a little more forgiving of people using paid ads for lead generating.
Bing Ads also is a great platform to run paid ads on because their clicks have a lower cost. With Bing Ads, you can also advertise simultaneously on the Yahoo Search engine as well.


Follow the above 15 steps and grow your email list. Now you understand How to grow your email list in 2020.

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