how to Earn Money Online

How to earn money online

How to earn money online: Best ways available to make money online.

Nowadays everybody want ways how to earn money online in 2020.

People frequently ask how to earn money online. Now the Internet is part of most of our lives. Overall internet users are increasing rapidly year after year. This will open the door of multiple earning opportunities online. You can start online Business with small investment or no investment in some cases.

You can start any of the following Businesses Now.

Here is a list of 12 popular ways to earn money online.

1)Start your own Website or Blog
2)Affiliate Marketing
4)Online Course Training/Tutoring
7)Selling your products online
8)Start Drop Shipping Store
9)Earn Money from Social Media
10)Buy & Sell Domain Name
11)Selling Website or App
12)Create and sell Digital Product

How to earn money online!12 popular ways to earn money online
How to earn money online!12 popular ways to earn money online

1)Start your own Website or Blog:

How to earn money online!Start your own Website or Blog
How to earn money online!Start your own Website or Blog

Starting a website or blog is not tough today. You can start a website with minimum investment or no investment. Now enough Material available online on the internet. You can create a template-based website without any coding or technical knowledge.

You can select any self-hosted platform like WordPress.You choose free platform like or

To Start Blog Follow the step below:

1)Pick Niche of your Choice

2)Select a Good Domain Name related to your Blog

3)Select good Hosting Provider for your Blog

4) Select Responsive Theme for Blog

5)Select Proper Plugin for your Blog

6)Write a post or Article and Publish a Blog

7)Promote your Blog and make money

To make money online you can monetize your Blog or Website through google ad sense. You sign up for google ad sense. Once traffic comes on your website your earning starts. You can Monetize through Affiliate Marketing also and earn money online.

Start a website or blog is the better way make money. may join Amazon Affiliate program,Flip kart affiliate.

2)Affiliate Marketing:

Once your website running successfully then opt for affiliate marketing. As I mentioned above you can join any affiliate program like Amazon, Flip kart, Click bank, CJAFFILIATE, JVZOO.

How to earn money online!Affiliate Marketing
How to earn money online!Affiliate Marketing

When visitors visit your website and buy products from your site then you get some commission. Affiliate marketing is the best source of passive income and make money from home.

Step for start Affiliate Marketing:

1)Sign up for affiliate program

2)Affiliate Partner create unique Affiliate code for affiliate .

3)You share product or services with your unique affiliate code.

4)Visitors visits on your website and purchase product with your affiliate link. you get paid for every purchase.

How to earn money online
how to earn money online


If you have any special or creative skills then you start to earn money online. There are several websites available on the internet offering freelance work.

You list all your services or skills on freelance websites. You join the freelance website and list your service. With Freelancing work you can make money online.

One can earn between $5 to $ 100 from these websites.

join,, and start freelancing work.

4)Online Course Training/Tutoring

If you are expert any of your subject then you can earn by online Training or tutoring.In online training you connect multiple student across city or country.They can access your training from there home.

The Tutor explained your expertise online to them and charge a specific amount. Training can be pre-recorded or webinar-based. If you give webinar training then you send them advance mail regarding your webinar. You can charge the entry amount to each candidate.

The tutor may increase the amount once you experience. You can create a video course once and sell them online with a specific amount.

Creating online course is the best way to make money online.

Example of online course is,


One may not expert in content writing or blog writing. Then use your camera (I mean any camera or mobile camera) and make a video.

Create your youtube channel and upload your video presentation. Once you finished with 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours video watch time within 12 months.

Choose a category of your expertise and make videos. Once monetization started your earning started.


Choose the subject of your expertise and write an E-Book. Publish an E-Book and sell on Facebook, Instagram through online Promotion. You may sell your E-Book on the online marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart or any and earn money.

Writer can publish E-book on amazon kindle and reach with million on readers. Publishing E-book on kindle will take less than 5-10 minutes.

7)Selling your products online:

Selling your products online is one of the best way to earn money online.Create your E-Commerce website and upload your product.Promote your website and sell your product.

If you do not want to create your own website then sell your product on Marketplace like Amazon,Flip kart ,Myntra.

Marketplace charge commission on each sale you made. One can increase visibility by promotion. Micro Niche product sold immediately.


Selling products online is one of the best ways to make money online. you do not need a big setup. you can make money online easily by selling products on the marketplace or own website.

8)Start Drop Shipping Store:

Starting a Drop-shipping store is easy now. One can create a Drop-shipping store on Shopify easily. Shopify provides all the options to open your store.

With Shopify drop-shipping store you don’t need products in stock. You only need to list a product as per your store and promote it online. Once you get the order on your store Shopify will forward your order to supplier and supplier fulfill the order.

After delivering the order you get paid your money after deducting supplier product cost.

9)Earn Money from Social Media:

You can earn unlimited money on Social Media if you have an excellent fan followers base. Few Social media marketers charge $250 (20000 INR) or more to post a single article or post.

If you can promote your own product, Others product or post on your social handles and earn a good amount.

10)Buy & Sell Domain Name.

Buy Good domain extensions like .com,.net and other global extensions at a cheap price. You can sell this domain extensions at a higher price on

One best can give more than $10000 to $25000 easily. You need to list your domain on can get buyer easily.

To buy Domain name use Bigrock, Name or

11)Selling Website or App:

If you Create a website or App you can sell if you want to earn good money online. You sell on at a higher price. You list a website or app which you want to sell on

You also sell domain extensions on and earn money. You list what you want to sell.

12)Create and sell Digital Product:

Create a digital product in any niche and sell on an online marketplace like JVZOO, CLICKBANK, CJAFFILIATE, and FIVERR. You can find a multiple Advertiser or Affiliate partner who promotes and sell your product online.

Conclusion :

Above is the best 12 Popular ways how to earn money online. Apart from this one may earn via Data entry work, content writing work, Web designing, Social Media, Webinars, Lead sales, PTC Site and more.

Use this way and start to make money from home now! Don’t wait till tomorrow.

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