Free keyword research tool

Free keyword research tool

Keyword research should be the first activity one should do before start writing any content. Too many free keyword research tools available on the internet. We will give information about a few tools. In this blog post, we suggest you some best keyword research tool for you.

Keyword research is a must to rank content in your blog post. Your article should around the keyword. Paid keyword research tool also available in the market but we suggest free tools because newbie not afford the paid tool.

Here’s the list of free keyword research tool

Free keyword research tool:

The first and best tools is as below.

1)Google keyword planner tool:

Google keyword planner tool is a free tool from avail of this tool you need an account on you don’t have a Gmail account then create Account on

After creating an Account visit on Google Adword.Log in with Account and click tools and settings. Then search keyword Planner in Google Ad Account.

Free keyword research tool! Google keyword planner tool
Free keyword research tool! Google keyword planner tool

You can find Search Volume, Competition in Particular keyword. You may search location wise keyword volume monthly with competition. Google keyword planner is the best free keyword research tool to the newbie or even use experienced people also. After research done you may create an article on a particular post.

2)Google Trends :

Google trends suggest to you what is people searching on google. You find out popular topics on Google Trends. After finding your trending topics create an article on those topics. This type of article goes viral in a short time.

Free keyword research tool!Google Trends
Free keyword research tool!Google Trends

You can create a website on these trending topics. This will boost your rank faster. This is one of the best websites for recent trends on internet people searching. This tool also from Google.

3)Ubersuggest keyword tool:

Ubersuggest keyword tool is free and best free keyword research tool. This tool suggest alternative keywords ideas, content idea on similar type blog post, monthly organic search volume, Keyword difficulty, Paid Difficulty, SEO Difficulty.

With this suggestion you can analyze the competitor content and take ideas for your content. This tool also gets information about CPC rates. Also suggest how much backlinks for a particular keyword too.

Free keyword research tool!Ubersuggest keyword research tool.
Free keyword research tool!Ubersuggest keyword research tool.

With this tool you may search country wise. You may opt for the ubersuggest keyword tool paid plan also.

Free keyword research tool! Ubersuggest paid plan
Free keyword research tool ! Ubersuggest paid plan

Paid plan will provide more information like Keyword tracking, Update frequency, Locations, Site Audit, keyword research, competitive analysis, and backlinks.


Keyword is a great alternative for google keyword planner and another keyword is useful in finding out keywords for Search Engines like Google, Bing. This tool is helpful in searching keyword suggestions for Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, and eBay also.

With free version of you able to search 750+ long-tail keywords but free version provides limited up to 5 search volume, CPC Trends, and competition information. If you want full information then you need to buy the pro version.

But you can get keyword idea with free version.With this information you can get keyword idea for your content.

Free keyword research tool!
Free keyword research tool !

This tool provides 99% reliable information to users. You don’t need to create a login to access keyword information. Keyword suggestion is provided on the base of and the language you selected. You may download keyword information in .csv file.

5)Answer the Public :

Answer the public is one of the best free keyword research tool. This tool shows a broader keyword result. This tool surely helps you to create great content that helps you to outrank your competitors. After type keyword and search you will get the below result.

Free keyword research tool! Answer the public
Free keyword research tool ! Answer the public

You will alphabetic results also. you download and save the result in .csv file for future reference.

Free keyword research tool! Alpabetic result in Answer the public
Free keyword research tool ! Alpabetic result in Answer the public

Some features of answer the public tool is as below:

  • Simple to grow your business with this searching tool.
  • User-friendly and use by anyone for searching keyword.
  • Get exact result what your user, customer want.
  • Get keyword ideas never use before on the internet.

6)Keywordshitter :

This is another good keyword research tool which is totally free. You will get multiple keyword ideas with long-tail keywords. You can create your content with this keyword.

Keyword planner tool!Keywordshitte
Keyword planner tool!Keywordshitte

7) : is one of the oldest websites. You will get tons of keyword ideas on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a goldmine of keyword research tools.

Search anything on Wikipedia and you get multiple keywords.With this research you make your content.

8) :

You will not get direct keywords on Quora but you get Questions and answers about the content you want to create.

You get multiple topics on quora.

9) :

With you get keyword use on Wikipedia,Google,, bing, and can create content for your blog, Amazon affiliate site, and much more.

Keyword planner tool free!
Keyword planner tool free!

You can select any option which is shown in images and get redirect on that website. You can download keyword in .csv format and save it for the content you make in the future.


In this tool you type the search intent for example body building and this will show hundreds of results.You can make content on each questions.

free keyword tool!alsoasked
free keyword tool!alsoasked

This tool is also show new result public try to search on internet.This will get new idea for your content.

11)Wordtracker :

Wordtracker is also a free keyword research tool. This keyword research tool search keyword with Google data and wordtracker own Data. This tool takes competitors’ keyword data, PPC advertise Data, and competitors SEO insight data.

free keyword research tool!Wordtracker
free keyword research tool!Wordtracker

Features of Wordtracker is as below

  • Search keyword for better content.
  • Show search difficulty keyword difficulty.
  • Search from multiple sources on the internet like Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, and

After search keyword in wordtracker you will get below result.

free keyword research tool!Wordtracker search
free keyword research tool!Wordtracker search

You can try this keyword research tool and get the benefit of keyword searches. Download the keyword in .csv and save. You can also opt for the paid version.


Wordstram is also a free keyword research tool which help you in search volume, CPC, and competition level. This tool help in business growth.

Free keyword research tool! Wordstream
Free keyword research tool! Wordstream

In the paid version of this tool have separate for advertiser and Marketing Agencies.

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