Assguard VPN Review

Assguard VPN review

Welcome to our Assguard VPN review! This fairly new player within the VPN business is already gaining quality, though not abundant data concerning the service is out there.

During this review, we have a tendency to aim to bridge the gap by providing a summary of what Assguard must provide. solely then are you able to decide if it’s the proper VPN service for your wants.

What Is Assguard VPN?

Assguard may be a UK-based VPN service supplier that, despite being a newcomer, guarantees some nice options just like the ability to guard users’ on-line presence and unblock any content on the web.

This can be precisely the factor each VPN user is up for. thus will it work, and the way will the arrogance they’ve place into their app translate into real-world applications for users? Let’s realize out!

Assguard VPN Review

Let’s begin with a number of the notable things we’ve liked concerning the Assguard VPN. Even if they’re new and much unprecedented by most VPN users, Assguard possesses plenty of things right which has the following:

Assguard VPN Pros

1. Solid VPN security

Assguard offers the same old bells and whistles you’d expect out of a VPN service. This includes a similar AES-256 coding employed by massive banks and government establishments for information security.

Following intensive testing, Assguard verified that the VPN service works and will a wonderful job of concealing the private data of users and encrypting all information coming back in and out of no matter device it’s running on.

Similar to most reputable VPN services on the market, Assguard additionally implements a no information work policy, which implies that they don’t collect or store the private data of users.

The sole drawback is that Assguard is predicated within the kingdom, which puts it within the reach of international intelligence communities just like the “Five Eyes” alliance.

Perhaps the most effective factor concerning Assguard is that you simply will begin mistreatment it for gratis (with limitations, of course). All you have got to try and do is transfer the compatible VPN shopper for your device, that we’ll cowl during a later section.

In our testing, we’ve got wind you’ll be able to use Assguard for gratis for 2 things — play on-line games and unblock torrent sites. However, upon any analysis, we’ve discovered that free shortcuts vary from region to region.

In our testing, different shortcuts for the VPN, like look Netflix USA, on-line streaming, and encrypting your affiliation, these choices area unit fastened and may solely be enabled by upgrading to a premium account.

As you’ll be able to see from the image on top of, Assguard VPN charges $7.95 per month for his or her VPN service that is considerably cheaper than most different VPN services. If you pre-pay for a year, you’ll be able to drop the value even lower at $4.99 per month.

They additionally provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. This suggests you’ll have over enough time to judge the VPN service and whether or not it performs to your feeling.

2. Decent server speeds

While Assguard VPN isn’t the quickest VPN service we’ve tried, it performs tolerably for average users. Like any VPN, transfer speeds born with the VPN enabled however not by abundant. We have a tendency to did notice a rise in ping (latency) and a tiny low reduction in transfer speeds.

We did a good quantity of testing (using a free account), and here area unit the results:

Assguard’s UI is exclusive in this it keeps things unbelievably straightforward for users. All you have got to try and do is click on a toggle right next to your required activity. Possibly, one among the most effective we’ve seen in quite whereas.

If you’ve ne’er used a VPN before and only involved with unblocking content and securing your privacy, then this can be a top-quality that you’d for certain appreciate.

3. Multiple Devices

Assguard VPN offers up to 6 devices per one account, which is able to are available handy if you would like to own a shared account along with your friend, or family, or use it on each phone and desktop.

4. Responsive 24/7 Support

Communication with customers is the real threshold for any service. whereas some VPNs claim to be 24/7 at your disposal, it’s typically a mere meaninglessness.

Assguard’s team positively did their school assignment for support communication. The speed, emotiveness, and responsiveness to the problems create Assguard’s support exemplary to the various different services we’ve already reviewed.

Assguard VPN Cons

Of course, this wouldn’t be a correct review if we have a tendency to didn’t check the cons, that area unit all value considering:

1. Lack of advanced options

We get that Assguard VPN is making an attempt to stay things as straightforward as potential for VPN users. However, we have a tendency to couldn’t facilitate however notice that Assguard lacks some advanced options which might are helpful.

One specific feature that has become a staple for many premium VPNs is a web kill switch that disables your web affiliation whenever the VPN affiliation fails. Sadly, Assguard VPN doesn’t have it, which implies that within the event the latter happens, you’ll be cursed Associate in Nursing unsecured affiliation and not even understand it.

However, consistent with the Assguard VPN support team, this feature is within the pipeline, thus hopefully, it’ll be put in before long.

2. Limited server choices

Upgrading to a paid account with Assguard unlocks the choice to pick out a VPN server from a selected country. Sadly, you’re solely restricted to fifteen countries, which might be unsatisfactory, particularly once different VPN services provide such a lot additional at an identical value vary.

3. Mixed reviews on mobile devices

At the time of writing, Assguard (known as Azzguard on mobile) features a rating of two.2 out of five stars on Google Play (Android devices). This can be somewhat unsatisfactory, with complaints principally coming back from the UAE region and ranging from VPN app not operating, slow performance. Once analysis, we’ve all over this could be a neighborhood UAE issue. 

On the top, the reviews in AppStore area unit partaking with a rating of four.2 out of five stars. the finding of fact, Assguard may be a new child on the block and hopefully, they’ll iron out the humanoid problems before long.

How to Use Assguard

So currently you’ve learned the professionals and cons yet as what to expect once mistreatment Assguard for your VPN service, you may be inquisitive — however does one begin mistreatment it? Well, it’s not as tough as you may assume and may be drained some straightforward steps:

Download and install the Assguard VPN shopper on your device.

Log on to the Assguard web site and scroll all the way down to the section that claims, “Different Platforms.” From here, you’ll be able to transfer a compatible VPN shopper installer for your device.

For this review, we’ll be referencing their Windows VPN shopper, though the interface ought to be somewhat similar for different supported devices.

Note that as of this writing, the macOS version of their VPN shopper remains unprocurable. That said, Assguard VPN has place out an announcement that they’re still presently functioning on it which a macOS version of their VPN shopper is going to be offered within the future. We’ll target the Windows shopper.

Complete the installation method and run the Assguard VPN shopper.

At this time, you ought to be viewing the Assguard VPN dashboard. Activating the VPN affiliation may be a fairly easy method. Simply click on the toggle right next to the activity that you’re wanting to try and do, and you’re all set!

You may have noticed that the majority of the choices area unit fastened out. If you would like to change them, then you ought to upgrade to a premium account.

To check that the VPN service is so active and securing your affiliation, you’ll be able to visit Verify that the information processing address indicated within the operation is completely different from your real


So there you have got it — everything that you simply have to be compelled to recognize and may expect out of Assguard VPN! Is it the most effective VPN service out there? most likely not nonetheless, however it offers enough to urge newcomers interested.

This can be particularly for folks with no technical information concerning VPNs and simply wish to guard their personal data and obtain around content restrictions on the web.

Assguard VPN additionally has one among the most effective interfaces you may get for the value. Add a really exemplary support service to the equation, and you’ll have a promising service that has its justifiable share of benefits. If that sounds plenty such as you, then Assguard VPN is well value a strive, particularly with the 30-day test period.

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Thank you for reading this article.

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