35 ways to increase traffic to your website

35 Ways to increase traffic to your website

Now every Digital Marketer, new online Business and Affiliate marker want to know how to increase traffic to your website. In this blog post we discuss 35 ways to increase traffic to your website. More the traffic more the business.

35 ways to increase traffic to your website

You will not earn money without proper traffic to your website. You can increase your traffic by using an organic traffic method or paid traffic method to increase web traffic on your website. So many different ways to increase traffic to your website.

Organic ways to increase Website traffic :

1)Website On-page SEO:

On-page SEO is the primary and important ways to increase your traffic organically.on-page On-page SEO optimize your website and individual pages to rank higher in Search engine. One should follow the Checklist of on-page SEO which I share an image with you as below:

35 ways to increase traffic to your website! On-page SEO checklist for 2020
35 ways to increase traffic to your website! On-page SEO checklist for 2020

You may read this Article On-page SEO checklist for 2020 for detailed information.

2)Do Proper Keyword Research :

Keyword research is the primary process to find out your target audience. Then you find out keyword on which you write an article or blog post. Find a low volume keyword is better than a high volume keyword.

To find a better keyword you can use keyword research tools. You will share some tools as well as paid tools.

Please find free keyword tool below.

i)Google Keyword Planner:

Google keyword planner is a keyword research tool by google. You need a Gmail account to access the Google keyword planner tool.

35 ways to increase traffic to your website! Google keyword planner
35 ways to increase traffic to your website! Google keyword planner

You will get the above keyword list and search volume. You can download the list and check the volume search for a suitable keyword as per your article.


Keywordtool.io is one of the good alternative tools for the Google Keyword Planner tool.

35 ways to increase traffic to your website! Keywordtool.io
35 ways to increase traffic to your website! Keywordtool.io

You can find keywords or hashtags for Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon,eBay, Playstore, Instagram, and Twitter. All keywords or hashtags get highlighted in a paid plans only. You need to buy a paid plan to get full access. To buy Pro Plan click Here.


Ubersuggest is one of the best free too to find out keyword with monthly volume and search. You may understand why your competitors rank high on search engines and how you can beat them.

35 ways to increase traffic to your website!Ubersuggest
35 ways to increase traffic to your website!Ubersuggest

With the use of this ubersuggest tool you will get Content Ideas, Keyword ideas traffic analyzer, Top pages, and much more. You can also opt for a paid plan to get more access or you can continue with free.

Apart from this you can also search keywords for your content from this website alos.www.wikipedia.org, keyword shitter, Answer the Public.

You can use Paid keyword tools like AHREFS, KWFinder, Wordtracker. You try a free plan for checking how its working and then buy a paid plan.

As a newbie my suggestion is to use the free keyword research tool which I mention above.

3)Use Long Tail Keyword:

Keywords with more than 3 to 4 words are long-tail keywords and less than 3 words are short tail keyword.

For example Cricket is a short tail keyword with only one word. If you check this keyword in Google you find huge traffic on this short tail keyword. A short tail keyword is hard to rank in search engines like Google, Bing, and yahoo.

Now if you search this ‘ how to gain weight in a week’ keyword you found low competition and low search volume monthly. Long keywords are easy to rank in search engines.

So use Long tail keyword to increase web traffic to your website.

4)Write a Guest Post :

Guest blogging is the best way to increase traffic to your website but your content should be natural or unique. Plagiarize content difficult to rank and not entertain by the website which allows you to write a guest blog.

In Guest blogging you should always maintain your content Quality in every blog post. If you want to know the Guest Blogging Site then click the below link.


By clicking the above link you may find 140 Websites that allow you to write a guest blog.

So Write a unique and excellent quality blog post or article and find out 10 places where you offer this Blog post.

You will get a free backlink or do-follow link to your website. This will increase your website traffic.

5)Speed up your Website:

Website speed is very important to increase web traffic. If your website speed is not good then difficult to rank your website. So this s very important that your website loading speed is fast.

So Buy fast Hosting, use a lightweight theme, and use a proper plugin to speed up your website.

6)Use Internal Linking :

Add an internal link to another article on your website in helps to increase users dwell on your Website.

Internal Linking reduce the bounce rate on your website. So internal linking is very important to increase web traffic.

7)Use External Link :

If get link from other High Authority website then it is beneficial to increase traffic to your website and increase your website authority. To get organic traffic external link is a must.

8)Build content On Competitor Keywords

Build content on your close competitor’s keywords is the best way to increase traffic on your website. Find out on which keywords your competitor’s blog posts are ranking and use that keyword for your content.

You can use the AHREFS tool to find out this but keep in mind this is a paid tool not a free tool. You will get all information about your competitor’s posts, keywords.

9)Add Social Share Button:

Add all important Social Share buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest on your website, and blog post. If people like your blog post they can share with friends and colleagues.

10) Video Content:

Video content is very popular now. Video can be easily understood and remember. After making and publishing video marketer revenue start growing.

Video content is more effective than any other content. The search engine also suggests video content. Video content boosts your Website traffic very fast organically.

11)Use Info graphic :

Every Eye-catching infographics take users attention. Infographics can increase your web traffic. Infographics are more effective than Images.

You can share Infographics on social media or Quora. Add your post or Website link in Infographic and get organic traffic.

12)Post Content on Social Media:

Post your Website content with blog post link into your social media definitely increase your website traffic. You can post your article on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin and increase your web traffic.

13)Join Facebook Groups:

Join big Facebook groups and Get approval from groups. After approval post your article with your blog post link in approved groups. This practice helps increase web traffic.

You can reach thousands of people in these groups and share your content with them. This is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website.

14)Create your own Facebook Groups:

Create your own Facebook groups and promote the groups. Share interesting content with your audience every day. Your own Facebook groups also help to increase organic traffic to your website or blog.

15)Create a free E-book or Tool:

Create a free Ebook or tool and promote that to People through paid Ads, Sharing on Social media. While giving them a free E-book you can create Sign up Forms and ask their information about there Name and Email address. After collecting Emails you can retarget them with your lifelong.

You add this to Email Responder tool like Aweber or Mailchimp and send emails to them about your new product, Blog post, our tool, and boost your traffic.

16)Create Free Online course or Tutorials:

Create a short online courses or Tutorials and Promote that on social media. You Add sign up Form while Joining them to your course and collect Information about email and Name.

17)Join Pinterest Boards and Create your Own

Join Pinterest groups boards and create your own Boards. After creating your own boards on Pinterest add your Images related to your niche. Add your blog post link in your pin and get organic traffic to your website.

18)Join Online Community and Forum:

Join the online community in your targeted niche and get free organic traffic to your website. You create your own community or forum and ask people to join your forum. Share a related post with your link within your community. You will get free traffic.

19)Be active on Linkedin:

Instagram is the best B2B Social media Platform and growing rapidly. Update your content with the best images on Linked while sharing. Update regularly, Join groups, and create your own groups. This way you get traffic from LinkedIn.

20)Answers Questions on Quora:

Create your profile on Quora and start answering the questions on Quora. Share your website link in your answer and get free traffic from Quora. Quora is one of the best Platform to get Organic traffic.

21)Do Facebook Live:

On Facebook Tap live button and go live. Add your description about Facebook live video. Facebook Live is a free broadcaster. You can do Facebook live for a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 90 minutes.

You can answer the Question, Share important Information, or update on Facebook Live.

22)Submit your blog post on Medium and Quora:

Submit your blog post on Medium and Quora is one of the ways to get a Backlink or do-follow link to your site. Submitting articles on quora and medium is totally free.

23)Start a YouTube Channel:

Start a YouTube channel is important to Get free traffic to your website. More than 2 billion active users worldwide and growing rapidly.

To start a YouTube channel in your niche or interest. If your content is best then your channel gets famous in a short time. You get free organic traffic through YouTube Channel.

24)Grow your Email List and Send Emails:

Grow your Emails list by offering freebie like free E-book, Free training video or tutorial, and collect emails from users.

After collecting emails start sending emails to your subscribers regarding the new updates, new training, and tutorials. You will get free organic traffic with this strategy.

25)Free Training Webinar:

Arrange a free training webinar in your niche and promote it in your network. People visit your webpage for information about free webinars. This helps you to increase organic traffic.

27)Ask for Referrals:

You can request your users if they like your content then ask for referrals. Referral is the best way to get organic traffic.


You can ask the website user to leave their feedback or testimonials. You can use these testimonials for your promotions and advertising. People believe in testimonials and this will help to get organic traffic.

29)Make website mobile-friendly:

Now mobile users move from desktop/laptops to mobile devices. So this is very important to create a mobile-friendly website. If your website is not mobile-friendly then create now.

30)Use Instagram to drive traffic:

Instagram is the best way to get organic traffic. It is more better to use Instagram than any other Social media.

You can use below ways to get organic traffic from instagram:

  • Create a post with the best images and videos with your blog post URL.
  • Add your website URL n Instagram BIO.
  • Use the Maximum number of Hashtags in your Instagram post.
  • Tie-up with other famous Instagram influencers.

Paid ways to increase Website traffic:

31)Run Advertise on Google and Bing

Run Google or Bing advertising with Pay per click ads is to increase web traffic immediately. You should learn the pay per click Google and Bing advertise first. You can Advertise with a specific location for your targeted audience. You start with a small budget.

32)Run Facebook Ads campaign:

Run Facebook Ad Campaign is the best way to increase web traffic. In the Facebook Ad campaign you have multiple advertising options like awareness, consideration, and conversion.

35 ways to increase traffic to your website! Run Facebook Ads campaign
35 ways to increase traffic to your website! Run Facebook Ads campaign

You can create your advertising campaign according to your Objective. If you want traffic to your website then you select conversion ads.

In Facebook advertising you can create your target audience according to their interest, hobbies, education, place, Age.

how to increase traffic to your website ! Run Facebook Ads campaign ! Audience selection
how to increase traffic to your website! Run Facebook Ads campaign! Audience selection

33)Twitter Advertising:

Now twitter also declined the organic traffic like Facebook. A lot of B2b and B2c Businesses run Twitter Ads.

If you ignore Twitter Advertising your competitor outrank to you. So running twitter advertising is also important.

Use keywords, Use best images, as Questions to start good twitter Campaign. Start twitter advertising and increase web traffic.

34)Run Advertise on Reddit:

Run Advertise on Reddit is an excellent option. Reddit is one of the most popular websites. Reddit has more than 350 million active users monthly. You will get heavy traffic on your website if you promote on Reddit.

35)Run YouTube Advertising:

Run YouTube Advertising campaign is one of the best options to get high traffic. Before you start to select your target audience and your budget, You can start with a $10 budget.

Use these 35 ways to increase traffic to your website or a blog and grow. Try this now to get rank higher in search engines.

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